About Us

At Mackenzie Mediation & Law, our mediators craft a settlement that works for you and for your family. Our divorce mediators work with you to explore options, get the information you need to make good decisions and reach your own agreements, keeping you in ultimate control over your future.

The only thing more important to our mediators than results, is our clients. Our objective is always the same obtain the best result for our clients, while providing exceptional client service and professionalism, at every step. To achieve this objective, our family and divorce mediators limit the number of cases we accept at any one time, so that we may focus on quality client relationships with a select number of clients, as opposed to distant relationships with many. This allows us to provide the level of service and focus that makes our client relationships unique and earns us the ability to be considered one of Los Angeles County's best family mediation firms.

Divorce Mediation is:

  1. 90% less expensive than litigation
  2. Confidential and private
  3. On your time schedule, not the court's
  4. Tailored to your family's needs

Divorce litigation over property, parental rights, and pride destroys families. The cost of court is high both financially and emotionally.

Divorce mediation offers a sane, sensible, and affordable alternative.

Divorce Mediation

WHY Mediation?

  • It is a less-expensive option than disputing issues in court
  • The final decision is left to the couple, and not a neutral third party
  • Both spouses have control over the situation
  • It is less stressful than other methods of dispute resolution
  • Mediation helps to encourage open communication to get to the root of a couple's issues
  • Mediation proceedings are confidential, meaning that there is no public transcript or record
  • Mediation provide a great platform for compromise and amicable resolutions