Divorce Agreement

Reach a Divorce Agreement Through Mediation. Save Thousands.

We guide you step-by-step through a personalized online process, so you can move on without the time, cost, and conflict of attorneys and going to court.


  • Average $25,000 + with a cash retainer up front
  • Pay for preparation of paperwork
  • Pay extra for child support and custody agreement

Mackenzie Mediation

  • Low fixed-fee price - know exactly what you'll pay*
  • Paperwork included
  • Child custody and support agreement included

*The court charges approximately $435 per spouse to file a divorce. There may be additional court filing fees such as e-filing fees and postage fees.

At Mackenzie Mediation & Law we will always let you know what the fees are for your case before we start.

Divorce Mediation

We specialize in comprehensive divorce mediation services. Divorce mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution, where couples can handle their divorce without going to court. It tends to be much more affordable than resolving your divorce through litigation.

It is a completely confidential and voluntary process that can begin at any point during a divorce. We serve as a neutral moderator, assisting both spouses in creating a fair settlement that meets their needs. Throughout the process, we facilitate communication so both parties can express what is important to them and why.

Divorce Mediation
Child Custody

Child Custody Mediation

We specialize in helping couples resolve disputes, to move beyond conflict, and to develop cooperative co-parenting skills, while minimizing the negative effects of divorce on your children and, giving you a safe place to communicate your needs and concerns. With child custody mediation, you and your spouse can focus on reaching an agreeable settlement and avoiding litigation.

We can help you and your spouse put aside your differences to ensure a better future for your children, in a less stressful, less time consuming, and less costly way. We assist in developing parenting plans that are specific to your family and sensitive to the actual needs of your children.